Gifts of Stock & Mutual Funds

Donating shares of stock is a tax-savvy way to help save lives!

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Thank you for your interest in supporting the American Heart Association. When you gift stocks and other securities, you make an outsized impact without taking money directly out of your bank account. Plus, neither you nor the American Heart Association will be taxed on the gains for appreciated assets you donate.

Meet your giving goals, enjoy potential tax benefits, and contribute to the mission of the American Heart Association. That’s a triple-win.

The American Heart Association works with FreeWill, making it easy for you to donate stock and other securities.

Ready to get started?

Make a Gift of Stock Online

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You can complete your gift and support our mission in as little as ten minutes. Our free, secure, and confidential online tool through FreeWill walks you through the process step-by-step.

Make a Gift of Stock By Phone or Mail

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If you've donated stock previously and are familiar with the process, access the American Heart Association's brokerage and DTC information.

Start a Gift as a Financial Advisor

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Are you a financial advisor working on behalf of your philanthropic client? Use this tool to request a securities transfer on behalf of your clients.

How it works

  1. Select which securities to donate

    You’ll need your brokerage name, account number, stock name, and number of shares you want to donate. Donors generally incur the greatest tax benefit when donating appreciated stock that has been held for more than a year. Please contact your brokerage if you have any questions.

  2. Submit a request to transfer the securities

    Use our free, secure, and confidential online tool to complete the necessary forms in as little as ten minutes. Submit them securely online through DocuSign or choose to print and mail the completed forms yourself.

  3. We receive your gift

    Your stock is transferred to the American Heart Association. Once complete, you’ll receive a tax acknowledgment for the market value of your gift.