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What is commotio cordis?

Commotio cordis is an extremely rare, serious medical condition that can happen after a sudden, blunt impact to the chest. This condition is most common in young male athletes. It is frequently caused by baseballs, softballs, lacrosse balls, hockey pucks or physical contact from other athletes.

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澳洲幸运十 National Volunteer Week: April 16-22

Researchers are learning that volunteering helps not just the organization or people being helped but those doing the helping.

April is National Minority Health Month

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The AHA is leveraging diversity, equity and inclusion to drive our mission to be a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives.

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The American Heart Association Donor Advised Fund Program offers an easy, flexible and tax-wise way to support all your favorite charities through one account.

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Heart Walk is the American Heart Association's premiere event for raising funds to help save lives from heart disease and stroke.