Foodscape Innovation™ Summit

7th Annual Summit Conference Presentation

The Annual Foodscape Innovation™ Summit is an essential part of the American Heart Association’s food systems work in support of health equity.

To transform a system, all stakeholders must communicate to find common ground for action. We convene the Foodscape Innovation Summit annually to engage in dialogue with thought leaders and stakeholders throughout the food system. We come together from non-profit, corporate, government, and academic sectors to find common ground and explore collaborative solutions to challenges facing the food system. Learnings from the summit inform data-driven, cross-sector, coordinated action for the health of people and planet.

“We all have a role to play…There is a lot of possibility.”
- Dr Anne N. Thorndike, M.D., MPH

Hosted by Dr. Eduardo Sanchez, the American Heart Association’s chief medical officer for prevention, the 2022 Summit explored sustainable nutrition security for all. Panelists and attendees with a diverse range of perspectives and expertise explored innovative approaches to community action, food production and marketing, healthcare, and research.

“We need to think about food for health in a way that maintains our ability to live on this planet.”
- Dr. Eduardo Sanchez, chief medical officer for prevention, AHA

Read the 7th Annual Foodscape Innovation Report (PDF).

Part 1: Advancing Equity in Nutrition Security in the United States
A holistic and inclusive view of nutrition security and the imperative to advance towards sustainable solutions.

Part 2:  Innovation to Prioritize Nutrition in Healthcare
Explore the opportunities and barriers to implementation of nutrition services and health-promoting food environments in healthcare
Part 3: Innovation for Sustainable Healthy Food Access
Interact with Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs) that are innovating “on-the-ground” strategies for sustainable nutritious food access
Part 4: Dr. Marc Watkins, Chief Medical Office for Kroger Health highlights their Food as Medicine Strategy
Part 5: Affordable Nutrition for Healthy People and a Healthy Planet
Explore cutting-edge research to inform and facilitate dietary patterns and practices that are affordable, culturally relevant, and also good for the health of people and the environment.

Past Annual Foodscape Innovation Reports

Food system leaders who are interested in contributing to our efforts to accelerate progress in the food system are invited to contact the Foodscape Innovation team to learn more.

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